Ira Forman

IMG_0876.jpegIra Forman is a widely acclaimed former U.S. diplomat, Jewish communal activist, author, educator and international public speaker. Known for his passionate leadership in the fight against international antisemitism, he served as the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism at the U.S. State Department from 2013 -2017.

He has captivated audiences in Europe, Israel and the Americas with his deep understanding of the nature of worldwide antisemitism, his storytelling, and his enthusiastic championing of a coherent strategy to confront this growing evil.

Ira’s in-depth knowledge of today’s antisemitism flows from his role in developing U.S. policy to monitor and confront a range of different manifestations of this age-old hatred. His presentations are informed by a deep understanding of Jewish history and of American government. He has often appeared in both print and electronic media to speak about U.S. antisemitism policy and Jewish engagement in the U.S. political system. Ira is also a co-editor of the Book Jews In American Politics and has contributed articles for the Encyclopedia Judaica. Lantos_Foundation.jpeg Ira speaks about the complex nature of antisemitism today, the threat to the existence of European Jewish communities of rising bigotry, what the United States government does to combat antisemitism and what can we all do to fight back.




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What Others Say


His delivery, his content, his message, never failed to mesmerize our audience.

Rabbi Chaim David Zwiebel

Executive Vice-President
[H]e has a most compelling story to tell and, as we know from AJC's long relationship with him, the enviable ability to do so eloquently in a variety of settings. 

David Harris

Ira Forman brings extraordinary experience, knowledge, and passion to the subject of anti-Semitism. His tireless work fighting anti-Semitism in his position at the State Department brings an unmatched understanding of the growing dangers facing the world today. His stories will have a profound impact on all who hear him.

Susan Stern

Former Vice Chair of the Board

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On Strategies for Combating Antisemitism


 Kean University, March 13, 2016


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 His Speech Topics Include:

  •        The New Anti-Semitism:  When criticism of Israel becomes actual anti-Semitism

  •        The Anti-Semitism crisis in Europe:  Can European Jewish Communities Survive?

  •        Anti-Semitism in the United States:  A new lease on life?

  •        Anti-Semitism:  Not Just a Jewish Problem

  •        Why Do They Hate Us:  The Complexity of Today’s Anti-Semitism

  •        Anti-Semitism and Anti-Muslim Bigotry:  How much are they the same, how much are they different?

  •        The new far right nationalism:  How anti-Semitic is it?

  •        Politics Today:  What is the role of American Jewry and What are the stakes?


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