Ira Forman is one of the most knowledgeable, insightful and passionate people in his field. To him, monitoring and combatting antisemitism is no mere job; it is his life's calling. He carries out that calling with exceptional talent and dedication. Our entire community has been enriched by his service.

Since he assumed his position in the State Department, Ira Forman has spoken at several functions of Agudath Israel. His delivery, his content, his message, never failed to mesmerize our audience. Our constituents always looked forward to hearing from him, as they knew they would walk away from his speech educated and inspired.

As Ira Forman is now looking forward to the next phase of his distinguished career, I sincerely hope he will continue to focus on the scourge of global antisemitism, and continue to use his eloquent voice to educate and inspire us.

Rabbi Chaim David Zwiebel
Executive Vice-President


Ira Forman has had a unique vantage point in observing and analyzing anti-Semitism in its many guises around the world -- and, most importantly, being in a position to do something about it. Representing the U.S. government, Ira has played a central role in combating this age-old pathology, often spearheading partnerships with other friendly governments in the process. So, he has a most compelling story to tell and, as we know from AJC's long relationship with him, the enviable ability to do so eloquently in a variety of settings.

David Harris, CEO


Anti-Semitism knows no geographical or political party bounds. Ira Forman connects the disease -- anti-Semitism -- to its many causes and locales, and shows how, in this social media world, it metastasizes.

Ira is a student and teacher of anti-Semitism and one of its most forceful opponents. He knows both the issues and how to educate and engage his audiences.

Jay Tcath
Executive Vice President

Ira Forman brings extraordinary experience, knowledge and passion to the subject of anti-Semitism. His tireless work fighting anti-Semitism in his position at the State Department brings an unmatched understanding of the growing dangers facing the world today. His stories will have a profound impact on all who hear him.

Susan Stern
Former Vice Chair of the Board

Ira Forman has been a key player in the Jewish world for decades. He has served our country with excellence in his capacity as Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism. He speaks with knowledge and compassion on the spread of anti-Semitism around the world and his presentations on this topic bring a unique first-hand perspective to this important subject.

Alan P. Solow
Past Chair

Ira Forman is someone who stands at the intersection of practical knowledge of antisemitism and understanding of how the political world operates. As a result, he can speak not just about the phenomenon, but the response. After listening to his presentation, audiences will feel informed and prepared, rather than merely alarmed. I highly recommend Ira as a speaker who will engage and educate.

Rabbi Jack Moline
Rabbi Emeritus